Vacuum Type Automatic Compression Rubber Moulding Machine.

Vacuum Type Automatic Compression Rubber Moulding Machine.

Technical Features:

  • Alloy Steel, 4-Tie Bar, Upward Clamp Stroke style mechanism with high precision of parallelism of platens.
  • High Speed Vacuum and Efficient Control System.
  • Proportionate Hydraulics System for Pressure & Flow controls. Option to choose the Parameters of Pressure and Speed of Platen, Vacuum Cover & Ejection as require. Ram Prefill System with two side Cylinders for faster closing speed.
  • Uniform Heat Distribution with PID temperature control.
  • PLC-HMI Control of Automatic Operations. Touch Screen Controls.


  • Superior Moulded Products Quality by eliminating air entrapment and improving material flow. Eliminates defect like Air Traps, Voids & Short shot.
  • Consistent Quality moulding in terms of part dimensions, strength, improved surface finish and enhanced overall product aesthetics.
  • Visual inspection of moulded product no longer required.
  • Vacuum Chamber enclose the heating platen maintaining the uniform heat to mould enable to reduce the cure time significantly.
  • Faster mould filling & Reduced curing time thereby Faster Cycle Time achieved.
  • Integrated Automation and Precise Process Control of all parameters like Pressure, Speed, Vacuum, Curing, Degassing and Ejection enable to achieve Efficient Consistent Production of Quality parts.
  • User Friendly Parameter setting on Digital Touch Screen.
  • Offers Improved Part Quality, Faster Cycle times, reduced waste and enhanced process control compared to traditional compression moulding methods.


All Kinds of Precision Rubber Moulded Products.